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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Dear Pre-seed Applicants,

You are invited to attend the Evaluation Committee Meeting for Technopreneur Pre-Seed Fund Programme, Batch TPF16/2009, for the 10 minutes pitch session. The details are as follows: -

Date : 19th & 20th March 2009 (Thursday & Friday )

Venue : Regency Hotel, Alor Setar,Kedah

Time slot : Please refer attachment

Pitching Tips

- Please rehearse your presentation within 10 minutes time frame.

- Focus your presentation on the below areas: -

· What your idea is all about (Problem statement and your product/services as the solution for the problems)

· Business model & Revenue Stream

· Marketing strategy

· Competitive Analysis

· Technology Plan

· Financial Projection

- Limit your slides to not more than 10 slides as there will be another 10 minutes Q&A session after your pitch.

- Please note:

· The first bell will indicate that you have one more minute to wrap up your presentation

· The second bell will indicate that the 10 minutes pitch is up

· The third bell will indicate that the Q&A session is up


- You need to be on standby in between the time slot provided.

- The attendance of both primary and secondary applicants is COMPULSARY.



p/s: Presentation from my biz partner (saif), saya adalah share/partner, tapi saya yang ketaq! hehe. Bila baca term "secondary applicants is COMPULSARY". aiyarrkk!! harap-harap peluang kita cerah walaupun ini hanyalah presentation for pre-evaluation. Amin! Please make du'a for us! . Pssst abang, saya nak kena study slide presentation tu gak tak? hehe


Mynie said...

all the best to both of you! kami doakan :)

HappyIrfa said...

salam najah..
semoga berjaya tp saya nak komen pasal citer cikgu haykal tu..
sedihlah baca tu,apa blog dia?

the author said...

tq,alhmdulillah selesai sudah.heee

takde blog rasanya,tak jumpa pun.saya amek kat emel, org yg hantar

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