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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Here I am…

Insha Allah...we will publish our book-children’s book soon. (isk…buku tak cetak lagi dah start promote dah.hehe). Actually, this is an english book translated by Dr Attiya Mounib about Stories of the Prophet as Told by Animals and Things, were published by American Society for Education and Religion. My ummi got the book in the 80’s while she was studying in United States.

She has been translating the book into Bahasa Malaysia for her kids to read and she feels it will be better if she can share the goodness with many children. Therefore, she decided to publish the translation after having checked by recognized Islamic scholars here. Whatever, the money goes out of it will Insha Allah used to be pay for the necessary services and for Islamic work. Thanks, to the writer for the permission of this translation project. May Allah bless us. Ameen...

For this project, I am juzz help my ummi for edit n design the second stage of this book. For the first stage, abang n Aisyah had finished yet.
My heart says, "mmm...bila ler aku nak buat buku sendiri yer, pernahla jugak berangan sebelum nih.Tapi editor mesti pening kepala nak edit coz ayat2 aku bukannyer betul sangat.hehe"
Maybe one day, I have published my own books and all people can read my masterpiece. But now, some of the teenagers in perlis have been reading my bulletin. ::wink::

P/s1: nanti beli ler buku kami tu yer! Hehe. Buy for your kids and make it as a gift for them. Hehe.

p/s2: Ada sesiapa yang pandai lukis tak? coz kawan yang lukis sblm ni,dah pindah la. aku try gak lukis, tapi at last aku gelak seniri ngan lukisan aku tu. hehe

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