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Saturday, February 19, 2005


Since this morning, there’s ‘something’ bare in my mind. What I am going to do ah? Seems like I missed to do something . Oh ye, I must clean up my room today. So, this morning, I let Nusaibah sleep for a while then I started to clean up my room. I had changed my bed position because yesterday Nusaibah had falling down from my bed .Oh no! It was my fault. Ssyhh...don’t let her tok umi knows bout it. Or else, something bad will happen to me (teruk la aku kena marah nanti ).hehe. Even I used a few pillow to make a ‘cage’, but wonder she climb up the ‘cage’. She doesn’t want to sleep in her crib except in the night.

Then, I change my bedspread, change the rack position, and sweep the floor. After clean up the toilet, mmm..what else? Haa...I must prepare for my tuition class tonight. Biology subject is one of my favorite subjects when I was in matriculation. But, I think, I’m not a good teacher la. Isk.isk. I’m just try my best ok! Nasibla anak-anak muridku malamni. Hiks.

Hehe...when abang back from the office, he asked me, "wee...bilik sape baba masuk ni? Kita ni dah pindah bilik baru ke Nusaibah?". Nyeh.nyeh.nyeh. puji...jangan tak puji.

While I quite busy to prepare for my tuition class, Tini called me, " weei...kelas bio malamni batal la, Cik Ton lum siap buat jadual lagi la". Aiyaark...penat ma, baca buku. Hehe.

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