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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Love your children

My friend Tina ( Rosnah Maidin) ex TKCIAN just lost her beloved son,Khalid who was 19 when he died of a cancer of the lymphnodes yesterday .

I envy Tina because she had a son who was pure goodness and can inteverven to ask that she be placed in heaven and her sins forgiven
I envy Tina because she spent 3 years being with her son giving him her total dedication and care while I busy myself with other things and scarcely cast a glance at my children

Tina , you are blessed and beloved by Allah swt.....

Allhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah

So please dear friends, love your children , take care of them, teach them loving considerate ways, spend time with them , so that when Allah takes them away from you before Allah takes you away you will not sit in agony wondering why you did not spend enough time with them and
hardly knew them ......

Dr Suriya

p/s: Raiyan Nusaibah... ummi sayang kamu!


mardhiah12 said...

baca tadi terpk, eh kak najah ada kawan sekolah yg anak dia 19 tahun, rupanya org lain yg tulis. sedihnya baca

Raiyan said...

hehe.tu tulisan DR suriya.akak pernah ikut prog leadership(ELITE)dia tahun lepas :)

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