Ar RaiYan: Na'im and Liew sweat it out for second spot

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Na'im and Liew sweat it out for second spot

Tahniah Naim, aku tak pernah dengar pun perkatan-perkataan tu. hehe

KUALA LUMPUR: It was a nail-biting experience for about 300 people in the Technology Park Malaysia auditorium as two secondary school students pitted their skills against each other at the RHB-New Straits Times National Spell-It-Right (SIR) Challenge.

Tee Fu Yuan getting a hug from his mother Angie after being declared the champion in the secondary school category yesterday.
On stage, Muhammad Na'im Che Rahimi tried to maintain his composure as he rubbed his clammy hands together in the tie-breaker for the second spot against Liew Ern Khai, who was equally nervous.

It was in great contrast to the triumphant look on the face of Tee Fu Yuan, of SMJK Kwang Hua, Klang, who had earlier been declared the champion after beating Na'im and Liew.

Tee won RM6,000, a laptop and a trophy.

As Na'im approached the microphone, his eyes gleamed with determination. And in a single attempt, he spelled his winning word "grandiloquence" .

It was only after Liew misspelled the word "pusillanimous" that the hall filled with thunderous applause, especially from Na'im's supporters.
Na'im, of SM Islam Aman, Kota Baru, clinched the second prize, taking home RM4,000, a laptop and a trophy.

"I am lucky to have the support of my school friends who took the trouble to take the train from Kelantan to be with me here. They managed to make last-minute ticket bookings," said the 17-year-old.

Liew, of SMK (L) Methodist here won RM2,000, a laptop and a trophy.

Tee said the suspense of waiting for the words to be spelled from RHB-NST SIR Challenge chief judge Balan Moses, who is also NST deputy chief news editor, was a scary yet thrilling moment.

"I felt nervous waiting for the words that I had to spell, but it was fun at the same time.

"The words given to us were very challenging. I am happy that I made it through."

Tee spelt all the five words thrown at him correctly, including "eviscerate" and "lugubrious" .

Meanwhile, Kenneth Wu Min Jin, of SK St Paul, Seremban, won in the primary school category, taking home RM3,000.

He said he could not have made it without his mother's support.

"My mum told me to believe in myself and have faith that I could win," said Wu, who plans to take part in next year's competition.

In second place was Allyna Ng Ming Yi, of SK Convent Infant Jesus 2, Malacca, who won RM2,000.

Alexander Woo Khai Feng, 12, of SK St George 1, Taiping, won RM1,000 for taking the third spot.

Ng beat Woo in a tie-breaker after spelling "maisonnette" correctly.

All three also received a laptop and a trophy.

The six ensured that their schools also won prizes. Each of the six schools was given the same amount of cash that had been won by its students.


Mynie said...

ingatkan siapa lah naim dgn liew dlm tajuk post akak ni..
hmm nasib baik ada lah jugak sorang budak 'kita' menang. satu per enam - mana cukup! huhu...

the author said...

hehe...buh entry ni sebab mmg kenal dia n mak pak dia

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